And there goes the NFL, down the path to destruction

Are NFL owners really stupid enough to ignore the declining ratings and attendance? Do they not get that social justice is not what fans want? Apparently not.

he NFL has established a player-owner committee focusing on social and racial justice initiatives that Commissioner Roger Goodell cautions is just a start, with lots of work ahead.

Goodell credited “unprecedented dialogue” for helping players and owners get to the point of Tuesday’s announcement. He said the committee will focus on education, economic development, community and police relations and the criminal justice system.

“We feel that we are going to make significant progress as we have more meetings, as we get more focused on our efforts, it’s going to actually come to life,” Goodell said. “And frankly, we will get better as the days go by.”

The league also said Tuesday it is beginning a “Let’s Listen Together” campaign that includes digital content and commercials highlighting player-led work on equality issues. That platform will include social media support and letters from players and owners.

Owners on the committee are Arizona’s Michael Bidwill, Atlanta’s Arthur Blank, Jacksonville’s Shahid Khan, Cleveland’s Jimmy Haslam and Miami’s Stephen Ross. Current players Chris Long, Josh Norman, and Kelvin Beachum, Pro Football Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams and former player Anquan Boldin are on the committee.

Amazing that such stupidity exists, it really is. Or maybe it is cowardice? Maybe the fear of being accused of RAAAAACISM is so strong it makes billionaires quake in their boots? 

3 thoughts on “And there goes the NFL, down the path to destruction”

  1. I can fix the NFL. These would be a start. The first bylaw would be the anybody disrespecting the National Anthem or Flag are gone and their contract voided. The second would be that anybody with a felony is gone and their contract voided. The third thing is that a salary cap of $500K with a $500k limit on all bonus and incentives; the salary reduction would go back to the fan’s reducing the cost of tickets to a max of $20.

    There would also be incentives to have the payers involved with the communities during the off season. Commercial endorsements would also be limited and would subtract from their salary.

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