What if activists stopped whining and started fixing problems for a change?

Take this clown for example

A parent wants “To Kill A Mockingbird” banned because racial slurs give “power over people of color,” according to a Thursday report.

Tujama Kameeta, who has a son at Monona Grove High School in Monona, Wisc., is trying to get the school to ban the book due to its racial slurs, reported Madison 365. The school will conduct a formal review process of author Harper Lee’s classic book.

“The n-word is used so many times that it numbs the readers to its potency,” said Kameeta in a statement obtained by Madison 365. “Reading the book just perpetuates racists thoughts and attitudes in a school district that actively discriminates against children of color.”

The book is a classic, and, is in no way racist. I wonder if Tujama speaks out against rap music? If hearing the word nigger, which is used repeatedly in rap is so potent then certainly rap is a bigger danger to Black youth is it not?

Kameeta believes that Atticus Finch “reinforces the Hollywood stereotype of the white savior” and complained about what he perceived to be a lack of black agency in the book. The parent claimed the existence of racial inequality in the 83 percent white Monona Grove School District, noting that white student literacy increased while black student literacy decreased in the region from 2016 to 2017.

Well, Tujama, it seems working to teach Black kids to read, which would be a wonderful thing would yield far more positive results than seeking to ban a book. Imagine that idea, teaching kids to read rather than telling what they can read. But activists are going to be activists, and all too often that means promoting division, anger, and false narratives rather than actually fixing problems.

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