The Cult of Gun Control’s tenuous relationship with reality

No one should “need” a gun in a church is a cry we hear from gun control supporters all the time. Ideally speaking, they are right. But idealism is never going to trump reality. And,the reality is this. There are some bad/evil/psychotic people in the world, and they seek easy targets. Giving up one’s right to self-defense will never deter one of these predators

When the parishioners at one Oswego County church gather for worship each week, many of them are armed. And it’s no secret. The Lighthouse Mexico Church of God even advertises that its not a gun-free zone – a response to the frequent mass shootings in the country that’s the subject of some debate.

Russell has encouraged his people to bring their firearms to church since 2013 when Dylan Roof walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina and killed nine people. The church places that no gun-free zone advisory on its website, warning anyone who might target them.

“If it’s out there, ‘wait a minute churches are starting to arm themselves’, then it’s going to put a question mark in those people’s minds that want to cause a shooting,” Russell said. “Are they going to come to this church where they know – and you had probably five or six armed people in this church today – or are you going up the street where, you know, well that church up there, they don’t have nobody? Where are they going to go? They aren’t going to come here to be challenged.”

The pastor grasps reality, as do his parishioners. Does this mean they are 100% safe? No, but, it means they are not a soft target. Members of the Cult of Gun Control, however, reject common sense

But SUNY Cortland political science professor Robert Spitzer says it’s actually the least desirable way to deal with violence problems. Spitzer, who has written extensively about gun control, says there’s little to no evidence that so-called good guys with a gun provide meaningful help in a mass shooting.

“There have been some studies of the statistical likelihood of an armed civilian actually being able to provide meaningful help in such a situation, it’s vanishingly small,” Spitzer said. “You almost can’t measure it.”

Spitzer says well-intentioned civilians with guns who try to thwart mass shootings typically add to the mayhem and confusion for police.

Spitzer prefers to live with his head in the sand. There have been cases where armed civillians stopped mass shootings. Yes, the examples are few. But, mass shotings are very rare too. And, the fact is this. Every mass shooting I can hink of occurred in a “gun-free zone”. Again, predators seek soft targets. That is reality, and those who reject reality in favor of idealism are fools

One thought on “The Cult of Gun Control’s tenuous relationship with reality”

  1. Confusion for police? The ones that can be as much as an hour away? It took 72 minutes for the LVPD to break down Paddocks door. In the most heavily policed and surveilled city in north America. I’d guess that most of the confusion has died down by then.

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