The UK’s war on speech

Shut up, or else!

Northumbria Police in Britain warned online users that anyone who posts “offensive” and “potentially criminal” comments about grooming gangs will be tracked down and prosecuted.

The police force launched an investigation on Facebook comments posted to its Facebook page in response to stories about the Operation Shelter scandal. During the scandal, white British girls were groomed and sexually abused by gangs made up of mostly Muslim Pakistani men in Newcastle. 18 men were convicted over the sex crimes.

According to Chronicle Live and Breitbart, police reviewed every comment on the page after a member of the public complained that the posts made references to the convicted criminals’ race and religion—two of which were then recorded as racially aggravated public order offenses.

Well, I am happy they are focusing on  “insensitive” words as much, or more than on rape gangs. But, today word crimes are taken as seriously as actual crimes it seems. No worry though, the Thought Police are watching and can help you be re-educated

“As a result of a complaint, we can confirm we looked into a number of comments posted on the force’s Facebook page,” said a spokesman from Northumbria Police. “Following an investigation, which has now concluded, we spoke to two males as voluntary attenders and visited a further four people in their homes, and provided them with words of advice.”

Words of advice huh? Words like shut up or else likely. Again, we must protect violent criminals. This part of the story might make your head explode

While many of the groomers’ sex crimes against young girls were, by their own admissions, racially-motivated, Judge Penny Moreland allowed the convicts to receive lesser sentences because she believed the victims were targeted “not because of their race, but because they were young, impressionable, naïve and vulnerable.”

So, rape is worse if racially motivated? Rapists are less dangerous if they do not use race as a motivating factor? Frankly, why the hell does the motivation even matter? Young girls were victimized in brutal ways, but the vermin who committed the evil acts are getting off light because what? They were more PC when committing their barbaric acts?

One thought on “The UK’s war on speech”

  1. I see that these UK police and judiciary have submitted to Islam. Do they take it up their own personal s**tholes now? It certainly looks like it.

    It is called hijrah UK. Immigration to conquer is what it is. They all despise your weak “do good” idiotic action.

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