Israeli actress looks smoking hot in dress designed by Lebanese man, anti-Semites flip out

Tolerance? HA!

Lebanese fashion brand Elie Saab has been slammed for sharing a photo of Israeli actress Gal Gadot wearing a dress from its collection.

The Wonder Woman star was wearing a blue sash dress by the designer as she appeared at the National Board of Review Awards Gala in New York on Tuesday.

An image of Gadot, 32, then appeared on Elie Saab’s Instagram page with a description of the ‘flawless’ actress in ‘Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2018’.

Israel and its northern neighbour Lebanon have technically been at war since 1948 and the post immediately sparked a backlash online before being removed altogether.

Lebanese journalist Heba Bitar was among those to comment, writing on social media: ‘I love and respect Elie Saab, but is he really happy an Israeli actress wore a dress he designed?’

Another social media user wrote: ‘I’m not gonna ask why would she wear Elie Saab… but I’m asking why would his team post it? Unacceptable!’

Unacceptable? Yes, hatred for Israelis IS entirely unacceptable. Perhaps those attacking Gadot, and Israel should demand terrorist groups attacking innocent Israelis stop their barbarity? Peaceful coexistence with Israel would be easy if only those seeking its destruction would cease their hatred and reject their evil ideology.

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