Ah, yes, the wonders of universal healthcare

Health care is a right the left tells us. A “right” sure, a right they can control, constrain, and yes, limit because the left abhors the concept of liberty

The economics of socialized medicine are simple. Being forced to pay for it whether you use it or not (for those who pay taxes) and receiving it for free (for those who don’t) have the same effect: demand becomes virtually unlimited. In contrast, supply becomes ever more limited due to a lack of free market incentives to create more supply. The inevitable consequence:

Officials say extreme seasonal pressure on Britain’s hospital system means many non-urgent procedures must be put off for weeks. …

The restrictions are set to last until at least the end of January and are predicted to affect around 55,000 operations. …

Many hospitals are operating at or near full capacity, with reports of long waits for treatment in emergency rooms.

Even if you manage to get into a British hospital, you might be disappointed:

The NHS order followed claims by senior doctors that patients were being treated in “third world conditions,” as more people flood hospitals in England with colder-than-usual winter weather bringing more cases of the flu and related issues, including respiratory illnesses.

H/T Moonbattery

3 thoughts on “Ah, yes, the wonders of universal healthcare”

  1. Schlumberger offered me a promotion and transfer to the UK. I asked if I;d be on National Health Care. They told me that I could use it if I wanted to because they paid the taxes for it, but they didn’t feel it was satisfactory for the health care of their employees and their families so they furnished private insurance.

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