With a name like The Congressional Progressive Caucus……………

……….you just knew they would excuse and enable terrorism because Progressives loathe Israel

Even liberal Alan Dershowitz has had enough of Democrats posturing self-righteously as they side with Muslims in their terrorist war of extermination against civilization’s lonely outpost in the Middle East:

Palestinian terrorist leaders often use teenagers to commit acts of terror because they know the Israeli legal system treats children more leniently than adults. Now 10 Democrats belonging to the Congressional Progressive Caucus are trying to give terrorist leaders yet another reason for using young people to murder even more innocent civilians.

That reason is called the Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act.

While noting that children between the ages of 12 and 17 are held and prosecuted by Israeli military courts, the bill fails to acknowledge that some of the most barbaric terrorist attacks against Jewish Israelis have been committed by Palestinian teens.

Dave C points out how evil this bill really is

The point of the bill is to punish Israel for incarcerating the underage terrorists who have been wreaking havoc, inspired by Islam to stab random infidels with any sharp object they can find. Many innocents have been killed, including a 3-month-old baby stabbed to death as she slept in her crib. Palestinian suicide bombers have been as young as 11 years.

What sickens me most is that these miscreants were elected by Americans, honestly who votes evil people into office? Ignorant ones in part, and Americans who hold the same despicable views as the members of this caucus sponsoring this abomination. 

To be clear only ten members are sponsoring this bill

For Shame on this group of biased anti-Israel Democrats, which includes the following members of Congress: Mark Pocan of Wisconsin; Earl Blumenauer of Oregon: André Carson of Indiana: John Conyers of Michigan; Danny K. Davis of Illinois; Peter A. DeFazio of Oregon;  Raul Grijalva and Luis V. Gutiérrez  of Arizona; and Chellie Pingree of Maine. They give a bad name to the Democratic Party, to the Progressive Caucus and to Congress.

Again only ten members have shown suport for this bill, For those voters who possess a moral compass here is a full list of the Congressional Progressive Deplorables Caucus. I guess while they do not support this bill, at least publicly, it might be fair to ask why they would not seek to have those members who are pushing this to leave the CPC. Maybe there is “collusion” going on? Of course the CPC is a hot bed for radical views. They love Marxist principles, and loathe self-defense for Americans, and integrity? Even my disgraced, and noted lying thief, Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson is a member

Here is a report on Rep. Johnson’s scholarship scandal from CNN, when they actually did real news every once in a while

So she took scholarships away from kids who needed them, and gave it to her grandkids who likely needed them. Despite this the morons in my district still vote for her. Democrats love stupid voters!

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