The Left is hijacking “sexual harassment” to make war on men, women, flirting, and relationships

Divide, divide, divide. Is there anything the Left does not try to divide us over? Is there anything, any cause they will not hijack and weaponize to tear down America? The answer, is easy, no, there is not! The Left has hijacked every noble cause, civil rights, equality for women, and now, they are coming for dating, flirting, and yes, due process! They intend to use sexual harassment as another wedge, issue in their war on America.

What started with Harvey Weinstein’s use of his position to, well, what powerful men have used positions of power for since there were positions of power, has now blown up. Seemingly every actress, and some actors have been victimized, harassed. Now women on Capitol Hill are accusing politicians like Al Franken of improper behavior. It seems that everyone in America has been harassed, or propositioned, or victimized, and all of these claims are leading to some very murky waters.

Sexual harassment is not good, not at all. Of course we agree on that, don’t we? Sure! Now if we could just agree on what is and is not harassment. Not everyone agrees because we are all different. Some people see simple flirting as harassment. of course, we can not even agree on what flirting is either. I had a girlfriend, that I worked with, who used to accuse me of flirting every time I talked to another woman at work. So, to her a man smiling to a female coworker, was flirting. Yes, she was a very jealous person, which is why our relationship lasted a very short time. But, her view of what was flirting was very real. 

The view of what is and is not harassment is very subjective. I used to work with a female bartender who was constantly smacking me on the ass. She was attractive, but she also smacked servers, of both genders (yes, there are only two genders) on the butts too. Occasionally I and others responded in kind. None of that was harassment, or was it? What if that woman runs for office one day and the media or some bloggers start digging into her past? Could she be painted as a serial harasser? Would her campaign be destroyed by Ass Smacking Gate? Maybe not, but what if she were a man? What if the same type of behavior, consensual behavior, went on in his past? 

Now, anyone who has worked in the restaurant business knows is that touching happens a lot. The kitchen area where the food is run from is usually tight. And there is a lot of close physical contact. Is that harassment too? Some people would not be comfortable with such working conditions, and would go to a different job. But, is being uncomfortable that same as being harassed? To me, no, to some maybe so? You can see how messy this can get can’t you?

But the debate over workplace harassment is being turned into a wedge issue right now. Take Roy Moore, who I have never been the biggest fan of, and Al Franken, who I think is a disgrace to the Senate. They are both accused of “inappropriate behavior”.  Do I know what these men did? Well, Franken tried to kiss Leeann Tweeden years ago, and took a picture pretending to fondle her breasts while she slept  during a USO tour. Franken has also been accused of other incidents or groping and many are saying he must resign. 

Apparently Moore dated 17 to 19-year-old women when he was 30-32. That was not all that uncommon forty years ago. Now the accusations that Moore sexually assaulted a 14-year-old are obviously very serious, but so are the accusations that this is simply a smear campaign. So, we have is a he said she said situation. The Left, however is pushing the notion that idea that we must believe the woman, because women “never lie” about such things. Anyone who does not wish to destroy due process or throw out the American principle of innocent proven guilty is now defending sexual assault or “blaming the victim”. Mike McDaniel writes about this and the inevitable consequences

Now, we discover–apart from being privileged, supreme and manfully toxic–the mere accusation of a clumsy pass decades old is sufficient to destroy male reputations, careers, and potentially, to deny a legitimately won seat in the Congress. All such accusations have become “serious,” defining, and condemnatory, because all women must be believed. Some have gone so far as to suggest women never lie about something as grave as rape, a belief that has caused Rolling Stone Magazineno end of anxiety.  It also causes much sardonic laughter among honest, dedicated police officers, but they’re mostly extra-toxic males, so who listens to them? Having been one of them, and still carrying the baggage, I can attest that women do most certainly lie about rape, and pretty much everything else about which human beings can lie, but that’s just me being male again. Now I’m a teacher, which is similar to being a police officer in that everyone lies to you, but that’s a topic for another article. Women must be believed, even when they’re unbelievable–especially when they’re unbelievable, and double especially when they’re wearing pussy hats or dressed as vulva. What could bestow greater credibility than that?

Where does it end? There ain’t no end folks, as McDaniel explains

The whole thing is getting more and Moore confusing. Take the case of Roy Moore. He’s accused, by several women, of malicious dating, perhaps even a bit of–eeeuuuuw!–kissing. Where, gentle readers, do we draw the line on Congressional membership? If we knew the sexual urges, thoughts, and practices of our members of Congress, would we pretty much clean house (and Senate)? What is sufficiently disqualifying? Accusations of toe licking? Foot fetishes? A bit of light, consensual BDSM? Are breast men acceptable–not that any man is acceptable these days–but not butt or leg men? How about men that tell dopey jokes about women? And what do we do with men that enjoy viewing the naked female body? If the latter is the standard, whew! There goes masculinity, except on the coasts, on university campuses and in Congress, of course.

Ah yes, we must believe the women OR ELSE! And hey, even if the women are lying and even if a few men, even a left-wing US Senator get hurt in the process, oh well, right?

See? Let the war on men, flirting, etc. commence because SOCIAL JUSTICE! Lindin, and other leftists are very eager to sacrifice others to advance their twisted ideology! All that matters to the Left is the end goal, the means used to reach that goal? It is all good to them. And if, one day men are afraid to even look at a woman, talk to a woman, much less be attracted to her or ask her out, oh well, just remember it is all for the common good

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