Boy the Left REALLY wants us to lower our standard of living….

William Teach lays it out

Funny how so much of what climate scam cultists want is to knock the human race back hundreds and hundreds of years economically

Our addiction to growth is harming the climate
We must wean ourselves off unsustainable economic growth if we are to cut greenhouse gas emissions and avoid catastrophic climate change, say some economists. But what are the alternatives to growth?

Electing Leftists usually limits economic growth.

On the way home from work in your electric car, you stop off at the local discount store and pick up some beef for dinner. The meat was shipped in from Brazil to Germany. The land where the cow grazed was once rainforest. The nickel used in the car made its way from a polluting mine in the Philippines to a European assembly line.

Progress is bad, energy is bad, higher standards of living are bad, and so on. So what do Climate Cultists suggest?

In the US and Europe, the idea of “degrowth” — a movement around downsizing production and consumption, and moving the economy away from infinite expansion in a just and equitable way — is gaining traction.

That’s partly because of the growing gap between rich and poor. Part of the problem is that we measure society’s economic progress and well-being using Gross Domestic Product (GDP), say some economists.

Strange: I’m getting the idea that this whole ‘climate change’ movement is intertwined with all the other Statist/Progressive ideas. But, hey, if these climate scammers really believe this stuff, they should practice what they preach. Oh, wait…

On an individual level, “degrowthers” might choose not to fly or drive a car but they say environmental problems are not individual problems. Solutions must be political and community-based.

In other words, forcing everyone else to comply per government force.

Like everything else Leftism encompasses, this is about control, of you, me, and everyone else.

3 thoughts on “Boy the Left REALLY wants us to lower our standard of living….”

  1. Many of these clowns who want to slow growth already have their millions or billions and want to keep you from making a decent living. If you can’t make a living you will need to depend on the largess of government or the rich who want you to be poor to save the planet for themselves.

  2. I love greenhouse gases. plants use greenhouse gases and exhale oxygen. we use oxygen and exhale greenhouse gases. It’s amazing how God designs a world that is completely sustainable without us having to do anything but breath.

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