Agenda? What agenda?

Most people, Gay, straight, whatever really do not give a flip about someone else’s sexual proclivities. How do I know this? Well, I don’t, but I do believe it to be true. Why? Maybe because I really could give a flip less about who people are attracted to, or do the horizontal bop with. So, I, like many folks figure, consider those things to be in the not by business category. So, to be honest, I seriously doubt many Gay people wish to indoctrinate kids to be Gay. But there are some who do it seems, as some guy named McCain notes

This news is unsurprising to anyone who pays attention to academia:

A professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) recently argued in favor of using art education to help “kids turn out queer.”
Adam Greteman, who teaches aspiring K-12 art teachers, published an article in the current edition of the peer-reviewed Journal of Studies in Art Education titled “Helping Kids Turn Out Queer: Queer Theory in Art Education.”
“This article explores the possibilities of queer theory in art education, and I playfully, perhaps provocatively, ask how art education can help kids turn out queer,” he writes, adding that there is a “need” for art educators to “challenge fears around queer topics.”
In his efforts to fight against the “heteronormative realities” of most K-12 schools, Greteman argues that art teachers could impart a “queerer agenda” on students that might “actually help kids turn out queer” [emphasis in original].
Greteman, who identifies as a “queer scholar,” lists a few ways teachers could achieve this, such as implementing “queer art lessons,” embracing a “queerer agenda” in class, and using “queer affirmation” strategies to help gay students feel more included.
He also adds that “the inclusion of LGBTQ artists and the need to include LGBTQ students is at this point a rather straightforward approach” to help queer the curriculum as well. . . .
In 2013, Greteman published an article on how bareback sex should be taught in sex education programs . . .
“My work is influenced by an eclectic array of modes of inquiry, including queer, feminist, and trans theories, pragmatism, Marxism, and post-structural ethics,” Greteman writes in his faculty biography page for the SAIC.

Oh boy, someone just fell out of the Batshit Crazy Tree, and seemingly hit every branch on the way down. Consider Greteman’s use of terms like “queer scholar”,, queer art lessons, and queerer agenda, and of course queer affirmation. Yes, we get it Mr. Greteman you are queer! Greteman is suffering from what I would call Identity Obsession Disorder. Everything to this demented bastard revolves around his “queerness” Greteman is here, and he is queer and do not expect him to go one waking second without screaming about his sexual identity. Yes, even if this means abusing kids by trying to force his identity on to them, because QUEER AGENDA!

And yes, trying to influence brainwash kids to be Gay, or bi, or trans, or whatever IS child abuse, and yes, it is evil. Of course, Leftism is evil, and it destroys everything it touches, and that includes kids lives. Note also that Greteman who is QUEER and you better never forget it, gets his mindset from a wide mix of demented sources.

“My work is influenced by an eclectic array of modes of inquiry, including queer, feminist, and trans theories, pragmatism, Marxism, and post-structural ethics,”

Good Freaking Grief! Whenever someone talks to you about post-structural ethics you know they have no ethics that a rational human being would recognize or embrace. But, note that Greteman mention of Marxism, and Marxism, and all the bastard “isms” it spawned, be it Leftism, Stalinism, Communism, Maoism, Progressivism, Lenninism are all part of Collectivism. And Collectivists care about nothing but their end goal. The means? Morals? Decency? Collectivists ain’t got time for that!

Greteman strikes me as a victim, somewhere along the line, of being told his “identity” is all he is, and now he is trying to pass along his Identity Obsession Disorder, and such a person really should be never be allowed to teach kids. Because, Greteman apparently has allowed his I.O.D. to push him into indoctrinating, rather than teaching.

3 thoughts on “Agenda? What agenda?”

  1. “post-structural ethics”, uh? That sounds like something that would have to be squeezed really hard for the patient to have any chance at being cured. Use gloves.

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