When the Left trumpets “equality”, what they really mean is………

Equality, of course, is a lie. When you apply for a job, you will be competing with others for that same job, or promotion. Some have more experience, some better people skills, some are better looking (yes, that does matter in the real world), some have more charisma. In fact, no matter what you do in life, inequality is a part of reality. But the left has been preaching about “equality” for a long time, placing it as the primary goal for this nation. Why?

For years the left has tried to sell us on the value of equality. Equality is what America is founded on they say. Without equality, there is only injustice they say. No one truly free until there is equality. This is an effective strategy because the left hides their true agenda. Of course when normal folks hear the word equality, we think of equal protection under the law, we think of equal access to schools, etc. The left, however, means something starkly different.

They mean anything but actual equality of opportunity, or equality under the law That is not their end game, oh no. Dave Blount explains what they really mean

Liberals, in stark contrast, want to impose a caste system. At the top are privileged groups that have been granted the cherished status of “marginalized” or “oppressed.” At the bottom are members of the core population that cultural Marxism exists to destroy. The lower you are in the caste system, the less whatever you have to say deserves to be heard. Moonbats call this the Progressive Stack:

The “progressive stack” is a method to order speakers and participants by race and gender along a “social justice” hierarchy. Women “of color” come first, men “of color” next, then white women, and at the back of the line, white men.

The progressive stack is all over the news the last few days because a graduate student Teaching Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, Stephanie McKellop, bragged on Twitter about using the progressive stack in class, as we reported in U. Penn Teaching Assistant Calls on White Male Students Last, Because “Social Justice”…

This would be, of course the direct opposite of equality. It was Milton Friedman, I believe, who said We must understand some basic truths in life, and one is this. It was Milton Friedman, I believe, who said You can have equality, or you can have liberty, you cannot have both. How true. Equality as the Left defines it  would necessitate empowering the government to define, and then enforce “equality”. That would mean, of course that every human right we possess would be handed over for that same all powerful government to control. Yes, some “marginalized” or “Oppressed” groups may favor such tactics, in pursuit of social justice, AKA payback, but they are just acting as useful idiots. They would ultimately be trading their rights as well.

Equality or liberty, for me  I think the choice is easy. Patrick Henry said it very well.

Much more about Progressive Stack at Legal Insurrection

The progressive stack became part of the fabric of activist organizing, without much controversy. This 2016 article by a CUNY graduate student describes the progressive stack as a key component of organizing, Creating Spaces for Conversation: Three Strategies:

A few weeks ago, I was asked to facilitate the question and answer period for an academic event about supporting female teachers, particularly those who are teaching undergraduate humanities classes. While we often think that question and answer sessions just magically happen, these conversations often reproduce dominant hierarchies of privilege and power, especially in terms of who gets to speak and have their voice heard. Below is an except from my opening remarks on the importance of challenging these dynamics and two strategies, “progressive stack” and “step up, step back,” both of which I learned from the Occupy Wall Street movement and have since helped me in my efforts to create more inclusive environments, including in classrooms.

Taking “stack” just means keeping a list of people who wish to participate—offer a question or comment—during the Q & A. Rather than anxiously waving your hand around and wondering if you’ll be called on, if you would like to participate, signal to me in some way (a gesture, a dance move, a traditional hand-in-the-air, meaningful eye contact, etc.) and I will add you to the list.

However, we’re not just going to take stack, we are going to take progressive stack in an effort to foreground voices that are typically silenced in dominant culture. According to Justine and Zoë, two self-identified transwomen who were active in the movement, progressive stack means that “if you self-identify as trans, queer, a person of color, female, or as a member of any marginalized group you’re given priority on the list of people who want to speak – the stack. The most oppressed get to speak first.” As I take stack, I will also do my best to bump marginalized voices and those who haven’t yet had a chance to participate to the top. As you might already be thinking, taking stack is an imperfect method, especially because it relies on the perception of the person taking stack. For that reason, while I’ll start us off by taking stack, if at any point someone else wants to take over, please feel free to do so.

The progressive stack now is considered part and parcel of creating “safe spaces” for progressive organizing and meetings:

Here are some ways you can take steps towards safer meeting spaces, as a facilitator:

* * *

Use a Progressive Stack: A stack is a term that refers to keeping track of who wants to speak next, so folks don’t have to keep their hands up forever and so everyone doesn’t speak at once. It’s literally a list, sometimes even written down, that keeps track of who is next to speak. A progressive stack is a stack that prioritizes voices that are less likely to be amplified. So, for example, if two people have their hands up and one person has already participated a lot and the other hasn’t, the facilitator will call on the person who hasn’t spoken as much. Or, if there are a bunch of people with their hands up, the facilitator will call on those who are of underrepresented or those of marginalized identity/ies first.

Go read it all folks. William Jacobson has done an excellent job exposing the left’s true aim here.  This is yet another front in the left’s incessant war on America and its principles, mainly individual liberties.

Equality, or liberty? Choose with wisdom!

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  1. I can’t share your articles anymore because of the women you portray on every one of them. If there’s a video on some of them I’ll share from youtube.

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