Oh no! As Halloween nears cultural appropriation causing butt hurt for snowflakes

Face it, the left is at war with everything good, decent, and traditional about America. Halloween included

A bulletin board is urging students in a Kent State University residence hall to “stop cultural appropriation this Halloween” by eschewing costumes based on other cultures.

According to the display, located in Allyn Hall, cultural appropriation occurs whenever somebody “adopts aspects of a culture that’s not their own,” elaborating that “it is the adoption or theft of icons, rituals, aesthetic standards, and behavior from one culture or subculture by another.”

In addition, it says the term “also refers to a particular power dynamic in which members of a dominant culture take elements from a culture of people who have been systematically oppressed by that dominant group.”

Many fancy words that are made to sound profound, when in fact, cultural appropriation is nothing but a scam meant to foment resentment and divide people. Of course resentment, anger, false outrage and division is what the left pushes constantly isn’t it? The left has been dividing Americans by every possible means for decades. Now that venomous rhetoric is commonplace and sadly accepted by too many as legitimate. This is a dangerous time in America. It is crucial that we not allow these fallacies the left is pushing to go unchallenged.Truth is to Leftism what holy water is to vampires. Even Joe Biden gets it

Of course Crazy Uncle Joe is partly wrong. Leftists, there are very few legitimate liberals left, cannot debate their ideology because it has been proven a failure over and again. Therefore, they have two options. Either accept the failure of Marxist teachings, and evolve, or silence and attack the character of their opponents. I believe we all see very clearly which road they have taken.

So, we can forget Joe Biden’s vision of tolerant leftists, there is no such creature in existence frankly. The few actual liberals out there are as demonized by the new Brown Shirts as are Conservatives. An actual Liberal supports free speech, Leftists do not, and they never will. They never can because they have but one goal. That is the destruction of America and all its history, traditions, values, and economic systems. Morality, and fairness? Such notions do not dissuade leftists from pushing their agenda of Marxist Utopianism. The ends are all that matters to the left, the means? Whatever it takes to bring on the utopia, that is anything but

He nails it. Communism/Marxism/Collectivism are all evil and lead not to utopias but to slaughterhouses and slavery to the State.

2 thoughts on “Oh no! As Halloween nears cultural appropriation causing butt hurt for snowflakes”

  1. I’m far from a “snowflake” but Halloween is definitely not a good holiday. Satanic, yes, but not a Christian value.

    1. I understand some feel that way. I am not one, but, your opposition is not one you are trying to force on others. There is the difference, the Snowflakes are trying to intimidate, shame
      and bully.

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