University of Wisconsin passes new policy to protect freedom of speech, Leftist bullies hardest hit

If you want to see the mental depravity of Leftism, read The Root, and feel the hate. The Root is a place you can go and see how hateful and bigoted the Left is. It is a place you can go and discover what the Left really thinks of America, law enforcement, and individual liberty. Take for example how writer Angela Helm paints a policy to allow college speakers to, well, speak without being shut down by Brownshirt wearing thugs

The University of Wisconsin recently approved a policy that will suspend or expel students who disrupt campus speeches and presentations—because they are infringing on others’ free speech—an ironic and dangerous threat to the right to protest everywhere.

Apparently Helm cannot read, The policy would suspend or expel those that disrupt speeches or presentations. Or, I would imagine peaceful protests. In short it would prevent violent, threatening thugs like Antifa from crushing free speech. In fact the policy says (emphasis mine)

The Associated Press reports that the university’s board of regents adopted the language in a vote Friday. The policy states that students found to have twice engaged in “violence or other disorderly conduct” would be suspended. Three times and you’re out (expelled).

So, what is the problem here? We have seen that several events on campuses have drawn violent protests. Is Helm advocating for violence? Or does she just turn a blind eye when certain speech is silenced? Free speech is great, when it suits her ideological bent I suppose. Typical Leftist. Of course Helm is not the only one crying foul

State public schools Superintendent Tony Evers, on the board by virtue of his position, and a Democratic candidate running against Walker in next year’s gubernatorial election, cast the only dissenting vote.

“This policy will chill and suppress free speech on this campus and all campuses,” Evers said.

Uh, actually the only chilling of free speech now is being done be Antifa and like-minded fascists. this policy would hold those who are actually suppressing free speech accountable

“Who’s going to show up to a protest if they think they could be potentially expelled?” asked Democratic state Rep. Chris Taylor.

Apparent Taylor does not know what words like “violent” or “disorderly conduct” mean

A senior at the university, Savion Castro, accused the regents of “capitulating to a band of right-wing extremists.”

Sure Savion, sure, because allowing people you disagree with to speak is bad right? The policy would also protect people who agree with Savion from having their speeches attacked. See Savion, you ignorant, hateful little fuck, everyone has a right to speak, it is called liberty. And liberty trumps your over inflated sense of self-importance. And the most telling aspect of this discussion is this. Leftist speakers never seem to need any protection from violent thugs. But that does not go both ways. Hmmmmmm

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