NFL protests are based on lies

From the time Colin Kaepernick first “took a knee” during the national anthem last season the left have hailed him as heroic, and praised him for raising awareness, and protesting inequality, and police brutality. The media, of course has been eager to carry these narratives because the media loves nothing more than to point out American racism. Narratives are loved by the left. Narratives require no facts, all they need is an emotional story that is repeated, and repeated, even after it has been proven false. The media are their willing and eager partners in spreading the propaganda.

Sure the narrative about police “hunting down” Black men is false. If it held any shred of validity, the body count in America’s inner cities would be massive. The Michael Brown “Hands up Don’t Shoot” narrative? It has been completely discredited by forensic evidence, physical evidence, autopsies, and eye witnesses. The Trayvon Martin narrative, that he was stalked and killed for being Black is as fallacious as when it was spun into existence by the likes of Al Sharpton. Martin viciously attacked a much smaller man, George Zimmerman, and paid the price for that action. Police are not getting away with murdering Black Americans. The fact is most police shootings are justified, and police are tried and convicted  when their actions are not justified.

The most annoying thing about all this is the media could actually report facts, and lay these false narratives to rest. Of course, that is not their objective. Rather than simply doing what they are trained to do, they choose to prop up the narratives. And their dereliction of duty is helping groups like Black Lives Matter gain credibility as a genuine group fighting for equality, when in fact BLM is a radical far-left group dedictaed to Marxist values that are unrecognizable to the vast majority of Americans. These BLM “principles” are not hard to find, just visit their websitejust visit their website

We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, and especially “our” children to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable.

Of course nothing is more destructive to children and neighborhoods than the fdestruction of families. And no group has been harder hit than Blacks. The out of wedlock birthrate is around 75% among Blacks. The resulting abscence of fathers is devastating to the children. This is a major factor in the disproportionate rate of violence crime committed by young Black men. Gangs are a scourge in inner cities. Most of the victims of their violence? Black people. Children need mothers AND fathers. Yet all the media focuses on is the BLM narratives. 

The NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem say they are protetsing inequality, and police brutality, which are certainly worth protesting. But what are the facts about crime, police shootings? These NFL players are accepting the lefts narratives as facts. But are they? The New York Post took a look at some of these narratives

Yet the Black Lives Matter movement is based on a lie. The idea that the United States is experiencing an epidemic of racially driven police shootings is false — and dangerously so.

The facts are these: Last year, the police shot 990 people, the vast majority armed or violently resisting arrest, according to the Washington Post’s database of fatal police shootings. Whites made up 49.9 percent of those victims, blacks 26 percent. That proportion of black victims is lower than what the black violent crime rate would predict.

Blacks constituted 62 percent of all robbery defendants in America’s 75 largest counties in 2009, 57 percent of all murder defendants and 45 percent of all assault defendants, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, even though blacks comprise only 15 percent of the population in those counties.

In New York City, where blacks make up 23 percent of the city’s population, blacks commit three-quarters of all shootings and 70 percent of all robberies, according to victims and witnesses in their reports to the NYPD. Whites, by contrast, commit less than 2 percent of all shootings and 4 percent of all robberies, though they are nearly 34 percent of the city’s population.

In Chicago, 80 percent of all known murder suspects in 2015 were black, as were 80 percent of all known nonfatal shooting suspects, though they’re a little less than a third of the population. Whites made up 0.9 percent of known murder suspects in Chicago in 2015 and 1.4 percent of known nonfatal shooting suspects, though they are about a third of the city’s residents.

Gang shootings occur almost exclusively in minority areas. Police use of force is most likely in confrontations with violent and resisting criminals, and those confrontations happen disproportionately in minority communities.

Yet, these players are not aware of these facts. They watch CNN, or CBS News and hear the narratives go unchallenged. So they believe that BLM is a legitimate group seeking actual justice rather than the radical goals they actually seek. Yes the players ought to do some research for themselves. But they believe the spin and the narratives, and are drawn to act. Odd it is that by “linking arms” to “show unity” the players are helping to cause exactly what the left desires. More division.

We are told that the kneeling during the national anthem is done to maximize conversation. We are told that players would have no way of conveying their message if they did no kneel or link arms during the anthem. This is asinine at best. These players would have no problem creating conversations if they formed a group and raised their concerns off the fileld. Are we to believe the media would not turn out to cover any press conferences such a group would hold? How much swampland wouldyou like me to buy again? 

The truth is this. The people pushing these protests want them done during the anthem because the very last thing they seek is awareness. This is being pushed by the left, and no one does divisive things like leftists. Anyone who can rub two brain cells together knows that showing any disrespect during the anthem is going to piss a lot of people off. that, of course is the point. Leftist rhetoric gains the most ground when division and anger are highest. If the concerns these players had any true legitimacy they would avoid showing any dierespect for our flag, soldiers, or the nation as a whole. Again, division and anger is not an unforeseen byproduct of these protests, rather division and anger are the intended result.

So what is the long term goal here? Well, Americans love sports. they love great athletes. Athletes are heralded here. If the left can get athletes to embrace and spread their narratives, then they have a great avenue to further these narratives don’t they? Sit down to watch the news and you will hear the narratives propped up. Watch the game and get the narratives, wash rinse, repeat. This is just another front in the war on everything American. Our history, values, principles, culture, borders, language, everything, including our sports and athletes are in the cross hairs of the left.

So, what can we do? Well we must fight the narratives, AKA lies with truth. In short, we must never take a knee. We must stand, stand for American values, principles, and history. Our voice is louder than the left’s. Our truths can silence their lies. But, again, only if we stand! 

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