Well, I guess I can do without the NFL

I, like many refuse to watch players and coaches spit in the face of our country in support of false narratives crafted by leftist groups like Black Lives Matter Via Daily Caller

A large swath of players and coaches for the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars linked arms and kneeled for the U.S. national anthem during a matchup in London, England on Sunday.

The Ravens-Jaguars game took place at Wembley Arena in London, and while the players either knelt or locked arms during The Star Spangled Banner, they all stood for the British anthem, God Save The Queen.

Then there is this

These players/coaches/owners are choosing to show disrespect for our flag and the greatest nation on earth. If they want to bash Trump, that is on them. But who they are really bashing is their fans. See how far the NFL gets without the fans

4 thoughts on “Well, I guess I can do without the NFL”

  1. I’ve been a Steelers fan since 1970, but today I just became an EX-Steelers fan. Our national anthem was written about our flag, and that flag represents all that is good, just and noble in this world. To disrespect either the anthem or the flag is to disrespect people like my father, Chief Master Sergeant Lawrence B. Daley, who fought in three wars for this country. In my living room there’s a flag inside a triangular case atop my writing desk. That flag was presented to me by the color guard that attended my father’s funeral, and there is no object in my house that’s more important to me. Every time I look at it I’m reminded of how lucky I was to be born an American, and how men and women far better than I were – and still are – willing to sacrifice all to keep me and my fellow Americans free. So you know what, Mike Tomlin. and the rest of you pathetic excuses for human beings in the NFL, you can all take a knee and KISS MY PROUD, AMERICAN ASS!

    1. Amen Brother.

      In my house I have my dad’s flag hanging on my wall at home, my Dad served in Korea as well as Vietnam. I hang it with my some of my own military memorabilia. On the wall next to it is the letters and telegrams informing my wife’s aunt that my wife’s father had been taken as a POW by the Japanese. Then the same information he was finally free.

      My wife’s father survived the Bataan Death March, transport on a “Hell Ship” to the Japanese mainland to spend over a year in a forced labor camp.

      These men have no honor. Only a proud veteran on the Steelers team came out and honored the national anthem. The rest of the team and all the other scum can kiss my slightly brown American Ass.

      Keep this in mind NFL players. If it weren’t for the NFL many of you would be bussing tables or asking me if I wanted fries with that order.

      1. God bless your dad, your wife’s dad and all the other dads out there who where – and still are – willing to prove to the world that America is an idea worth defending at all costs. Yes, I said IDEA, because unlike every other country on Earth, America isn’t just a geographical location, it’s a concept. That’s why nobody ever talks about ‘The French Dream’, ‘The Russian Dream’, ‘The Chinese Dream’, ‘The Albanian Dream’, ‘The Pakistani Dream’, or ‘The Venezuelan Dream’… they don’t exist. There is only one national dream on this planet that any human being ever talks about, and it’s ‘The American Dream’.

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