Is Paul Ryan blocking national reciprocity?

Oh Republicans, Republicans, Republicans

Following the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise at the hands of a deranged liberal terrorist, Rep. Thomas Massie introduced a bill for national reciprocity. This bill would make it so concealed carry license would be treated like marriage licenses or drivers licenses; a permit in one state would be recognized in every other state.

The bill, however, has stalled, and Massie points the finger for this squarely at Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Speaker Paul Ryan will not allow Congressional action on national concealed carry reciprocity to move bills forward, Rep. Thomas Massie told host Mark Walters Thursday on Armed American Radio.  The reason given is Ryan thinks the timing isn’t right to consider H.R. 2909, the D.C. Personal Protection Reciprocity Act, a supplement to state reciprocity provisions of H.R. 38.

“We’ve got over 80 cosponsors at this point,” Massie told Walters when asked the status of his bill, which is currently and procedurally in the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform because Congress has oversight responsibility for Washington D.C. He’s “pressing for a hearing on it.”

“Why haven’t we seen movement over either 38 or 2909 since the horrific events in Virginia?” Walters asked, noting the Republicans control the House and the Senate and both Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appear to be blocking bills advancing the right to keep and bear arms.

“You know what?” Massie replied, “The Speaker told me he didn’t think the timing was right. And I think this is the exact timing to bring this bill

Dear Speaker Ryan, do your job, screw timing, screw optics, and screw Leftists who will oppose this legislation! Speaker Ryan LEAD!

4 thoughts on “Is Paul Ryan blocking national reciprocity?”

  1. I’m a Republican but not for much longer based on how Ryan and the rest of Congress has been running. Hopefully Ryan’s District will vote him out as I plan to do with my Republican Congressman. I will try to do it in the primaries but I am getting to the point of voting for anyone else in the General. The Republican is no different then a Democrat, basically they are acting as a uniparty.

  2. Massie is just trying to get his DC-only reciprocity bill passed. Although Massie is co-chair of the Congressional 2nd Amendment Caucus, he has not signed on as a co-sponsor to HR 38, the national reciprocity bill.

    Paul Ryan may not be moving reciprocity, but then neither is Massie.

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