What’s shakin at WOW!

Go dive in, get some knowledge

African-Americans need a Great Awakening to repair their broken culture 

 President Trump Is 100% Right – The Media’s Feeding Hate And Division 

 The Bookworm Beat 8/23/17 — Leftist insanity, August edition 

 What Happened: The Delusional Handmaid’s Tale

 Colin Kaepernick – The New Social Justice Poster Child 

 The Bookworm Beat 8/25/17 — the illustrated edition and open thread 

 Professor Ghodsee and superiority of socialist female’s orgasms 

 If you’ve been having sex fantasies about Justin Trudeau, get this book 

 Get assigned to Cuba, go deaf 

 Movie Review: The Big Sick 

 Is our US Navy incompetent or did Obama seriously undermine it? 


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