From the Some People Just Need Their Asses Whipped files………….

There are no words

Police have launched an investigation and five Denver high school employees are on administrative leave for forcing members of a cheerleading team into painful splits.

The cheer coach, assistant cheer coach, East High School principal, assistant principal and Denver Public Schools deputy general counsel are on leave as video has surfaced of eight cheerleaders repeatedly being forced into the position during the first week of cheer camp in June, KUSA reported.

The girls were held down in the painful extended splits by teammates and newly hired cheerleading coach Ozell Williams, as seen in videos which were sent anonymously to the station earlier this month and which police are investigating. East High School allegedly had a copy of one of the videos as far back as June.

Incoming freshman, Ally Wakefield, is seen in one video being forced into the split while screaming in pain. The 13 year-old asked the coach to “please, stop” nine times in less than 24 seconds. Though other videos were not released by the station due to privacy concerns, KUSA reported that Wakefield was not the only cheerleader to endure the excruciating treatment.

Sadistic bastard! Hopefully he will go to prison and meet a new “boyfriend”. The girls who helped this happen ought to receive help as well. This type of mob mentality is dangerous

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