Meet the Spaniard who eliminated four Jihadists

Via Bearing Arms

The officer, who’s name has not been released for security reasons, was reportedly working overtime to earn some extra cash for his family when five men attempted to drive a car into a group of pedestrians in the Spanish seaside town. After the vehicle crashed into a police checkpoint, the men hopped out and began attacking innocent civilians with an axe and knives.

The officer was able to gun down four of the five terrorists, likely saving dozens of lives. The fifth terrorist, who stabbed a woman in the neck before fleeing the scene, was shot and killed by another policeman.

It was later revealed that the officer is a former member of the Spanish army’s elite infantry unit, the Legion, and is an expert in rifles, machine guns and pistols.

However, El Mundo newspaper described him as being “very quiet” and “not the Rambo prototype of an elite officer.”

One of his fellow officers told the Daily Mail, “He’s a quiet man who does not consider himself a hero. He says he was just doing his job. But the truth is he saved a great many lives.”

Who says heroes are dead

5 thoughts on “Meet the Spaniard who eliminated four Jihadists”

  1. It will be ‘interesting’ to know ROEs, ranges involved, type of weapon etc. – purely from a tactical learning standpoint of course.

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