Now for news the lamester media will not bring you because guns are always bad

The main stream media loves ratings never forget that. But they also love protecting left-wing narratives. So, people defending themselves with firearms is covered up. So I try to fill y’all in on stories like this

Via Washington Times:

Once again, it’s the Second Amendment to the rescue.

A mass stabber cutting into three victims in Seminole, Florida, was apparently stopped dead in his tracks when his fourth target pulled out a gun.

Don’t expect this story to make CNN headlines.

Conversely, had the stabber been a gunman, and particularly a gunman with a Facebook page filled with messages of Jesus and reposts of biblical sayings, this would be MSM’s story of the day.

As it is, Breitbart carried the news: “The incident began when witnesses alleged they saw 49-year-old Bobby Martin Watson trying to rob a woman in a Publix parking lot. Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputies indicate that the woman, 44-year-old Rosanna Lynn, struggled with Watson and he stabbed her.”

According to the St. Pete Patch, the suspect then fled and a 44-year-old man, Christopher McMann, tried to intervene, but ended up being stabbed himself. Then another “good Samaritan” tried to help — 31-year-old Travis Jones — but was stabbed in the abdomen.

That’s when a fourth witness jumped to the rescue.

Donald Rush, 40, saw the events as they unfolded and instead of running to tackle Watson, went to his vehicle instead — and took out his gun.

“[Rush] disarmed Watson and held him at gunpoint until deputies arrived,” the Patch reported.

Bravo! Of course stats show that hundreds of thousands of incidents of armed self-defense happen annually, but, again, the anti gun narrative must be protected at all costs.

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