It has come to this

So now we must change the name of every school, building, street, and anything else if some whiner is unnecessarily aggrieved? Story via The Right Scoop

CBS DFW – A school board in Oregon has voted to remove the name ‘Lynch’ from some school buildings after the name was deemed offensive.

According to reports, the Centennial School Board voted Wednesday night to change the names of three elementary schools in the district.

The move by the school board stemmed from concerns over use of what they deemed to be ‘offensive language.’

According to reports, school district officials said some students and local families had complained that the name “Lynch” made them think of the word, lynch, and the racist connotation behind it.

For now, Lynch Wood Elementary and Lynch Meadows Elementary schools will be temporarily changed to Wood Elementary and Meadows Elementary, pending new names for both schools, KGW in Portland reports. Lynch View Elementary will be changed to Patrick Lynch Elementary school.

The schools were named for the Lynch family that donated the land over a century ago.

This is no longer a slippery slope folks. This is a full out mudslide of PC! We are killing ourselves to appease idiots, whiners, and bullies? God help us. No one thought of simply explaining that this is a family name, of people who donated the land where the school is? And I am sorry but anyone who still complained after an explanation deserves nothing.

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