Leftist disgrace to education admits Leftists are just thugs

Laws seeking to punish miscreants who bully others with dissenting views would unduly affect Leftists, and this “professor” says that would give him Offendeditis!

A Wayne State University professor recently blasted the Michigan Legislature as a “safe-space for right-wing groupthink” after a pair of free-speech bills were introduced.

In an op-ed for The Detroit News, Dr. John Patrick Leary argues that the supposed “free speech crisis” has been “manufactured” by conservative legislators to punish liberal activists.

Indeed, Sen. Patrick Colbeck recently introduced two bills to protect free speech on campus, the first of which would guarantee students “the fullest degree of intellectual freedom and free expression,” while the second would hand down punishments to students who shut down the free speech of others.

So, to be clear the bill would punish anyone, of any ideological bent, who shut down the free speech of others. See the law would not take “sides” A Conservative could be punished for being a thug who suppresses free speech. Of course, what the professor knows is that it is not Conservatives, or Libertarians, or actual Liberals who conduct themselves in thuggish, totalitarian fashions. It is Leftists. It is not that he supports freedom of speech, it is that he understands his side will be punished because, well Leftist thugs gonna be Leftist thugs.

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