Your daily dose of Leftist racism, hatred, and stupidity

Start with an ignorant racist tweet by a sjw Ijeoma Oluo

Good grief woman, could you be more racist? Wait, what am I asking here? No your entire identity is based on your hatred of Whiteness, and America of course. Here are two bits of advice. First, never eat at Cracker Barrel. No, not because too many damn White folks eat there, but because their food, excepting their breakfast, sucks. It is always cold, and a poor excuse for Southern food frankly. See, I grew up eating great Southern food, cornbread, collard, mustard, and turnip greens, blak-eyed peas, fried chicken, catfish, fried porkchops, salmon patties etc. That was great food. Cracker barrel? Not so much.

My second bit of advice? You need help, serious mental health help. You are suffering from Racial Obsession Syndrome. A severe case of it frankly. Funny it is that the folks who cooked all that great food I grew up on, my grandparents, great aunts were great people. People who would have gone out of their way to help you. Would they have given the first damn about your skin color? No. They would have helped you bcause they had something you do not posess. Decency. You would have judged them because of their color. Those same people who would have helped you would have received nothing but scorn in return. Their great offense to you? Being White!

You are a sad case Ijeoma Oluo. Either you are a racist, or you are just spewing your filthy rhetoric because it pays your bills. Either way, you are a vile person who is consumed with hate. Maybe you should spend some time with those folks in cowboy hats. You might learn something, something called decency.

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