Forcing nations to adhere to climate pacts? How totalitarian

Statists gonna be Statists

Quite possibly one of the most cultish headlines from Warmists of all time

Adhering to global climate pacts should no longer be optional
With millions affected by soaring temperatures around the globe and forest fires ripping through continents as we speak, curbing industrial poison is anything but an abstract aspiration

And Warmists complain when I note that this is all about Progressive (nice fascist) politics rather than science.

Of course, the fire the article refers to is the one along the French Riviera. Sadly for these Warmist, officials suspect arson, not Hotcoldwetdry.

As whales continue to wash up on the world’s shores with piles of plastic in their stomachs, the issue is no longer a theory that we can optionally espouse as a worthy cause.

In short, they would like to see an international State, because national sovereignty is bad for the environment or something

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