What’s shakin at WOW! Magazine?

Lots of great pieces, thoughts, and insights! Check some of the best out

Islam’s Veil Slips In California

Best visual commentary ever on transgenders in the military?

Tesla: the beautiful, clever, and very immoral automobile

The Jerusalem Temple Mount Crisis – Why it Erupted, How To Solve It

Dunkirk: A Movie Review, Sort Of

Into the Penalty Box for Subverting the Narrative?

A gun: Not just the great equalizer but also the great civilizer

The Princess and the Frog” shows that military and transgender don’t mix

Heroes To Heroes Foundation – Because 20 Veterans A Day In The United States Commit Suicide

Huge Sanctuary City Encampment Bet. Courthouses in Santa Ana, CA

Tucker Carlson takes on community organizer who says Trump’s more dangerous than MS-13.

Religion of Peace? The Hell you say?

“Confederate”: Both HBO and its doubters double down on racial canards

Scaramucci Fired After 10 Days!

Spider-Man Homecoming: A Movie Review, Sort Of

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