Joey the Big Gay Lying Bartender

Moonbattery exposes yet another vicious hate attack perpetrated by no one!

Once again, an injured member of a politically privileged group turns out notto be the victim of a hate crime:

The DCist reports that on July 15 man identified only as Joey, a bartender at a gay bar in the Dupont Circle area of the city, was walking home. He says something hit him hard in the back of the neck and the next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital. A passerby saw him lying unconscious on the ground and called 911. Joey had two broken vertebrae in his neck.

Because Joey is gay, works at a gay bar, and the Dupont Circle area is the San Francisco of Washington DC, everyone naturally assumed this was a homophobic hate crime. A GoFundMe page was set up for Joey based on the idea he was a victim and it raised over $18,000. Even the cops were investigating this as a violent hateful attack.

The results [of] the DC Metro PD investigation are in and this is it:

“After further investigation, MPD determined he was not struck with an object from behind, but fell. This is no longer a criminal case and out of respect for this individual’s privacy, we will not be commenting further,” said MPD in a statement.

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