Your Quote of the Day

This comes to us from Caitlin O-Shei who writes her reason for supporting campus carry laws You should read the entire piece but this nugget sums up the basic principle that rights, natural rights, trump feelings

It is not reasonable to restrict a constitutional right to spare others feelings. It is the responsibility of the gun owner to make sure that the gun is safe, not that everyone around them feels safe. The same people willing to restrict student’s rights to carry based off others’ feelings would lose their minds if a university decided Muslim students could not exercise their freedom of religion and pray on campus because it made others feel unsafe. As a society we have largely decided that rights are not subject to the whims of majority emotion, why should the second amendment be any different?

Bravo!! The Left has this backwards of course. In their world feelings, at least the feelings of some, should rule over human rights like self-defense, freedom of speech, religion, and association. 


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