US GDP soars past $19 trillion for first time in American history

Well now, cutting back numerous regulations that punish success and hinder growth seems to be a good thing after all! Via Biz Pac

Thanks to President Trump, not only has the US Stock Market set multiple all time high records, the US GDP just soared past $19 trillion for the first time  – ever.

The second quarter US Gross Domestic Product annual growth rate released on Friday showed two times the rate from the first quarter under Trump according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Not sure if CNN or MSNBS has covered this yet. They are likely too busy covering the Trump Eats Russian Dressing story

Second quarter US GDP grew to $19.2 trillion, up from $19.1 trillion at the end of the first quarter. That surpassed the end of 2016 which saw the GDP at $18.9 trillion, according to the BEA. in just two quarters under Trump, the US GDP has grown by more than $300 Billion.

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