Ah yes, the stench of Leftist tolerance

The masters of intellectual cowardice and bigotry

A Chicago art professor has resigned, saying a “small cadre of militant LBGT students with an authoritarian agenda” created a “toxic environment” for him.

Michael Bonesteel—a renowned expert on comic books and outsider art who taught popular classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) for the past 14 years—explained in an exclusive interview with The Chicago Reader that he resigned after students repeatedly filed complaints accusing him of racism and homophobia because he failed to provide “trigger warnings” before introducing controversial subject matter.

Trigger warnings, yet another crock of BS cooked up by the Left

Citing a “toxic environment” that “feels more like a police state,” Bonesteel alleged that student complaints to administrators resulted in him being told he wasn’t allowed to teach future classes on comic books, causing his teaching-load to be reduced to a level that would have rendered him ineligible for health insurance benefits.

The first complaint, Bonesteel said, arose during a discussion of Henry Darger, a Chicago artist known for depicting representations of young girls with penises in his comic books, whose work Bonesteel has studied extensively.

Bonesteel recounted presenting a theory—which he claims is considered plausible by many scholars—that the shocking images might be related to possible childhood sexual abuse.

According to Bonesteel, a transgender student objected to the discussion, arguing that “there was no proof that Darger was sexually abused, and therefore I was wrong in proposing the theory.”

When Bonesteel defended the theory, he claims that the transgender student filed a complaint with the administration, resulting in Bonesteel needing to meet with a diversity counselor and post an apology on the school’s website.

Oh no, he offended the super duper protected class of trannies. Yes, I know I am supposed to sat “Transgender” but you know what too bad! I also realize I just “triggered” some trannies. Again, too bad! 

This fiasco of trigger warnings and safe spaces is a tragedy that is destroying the university frankly. The only way to stop it is to stop coddling these whiners and miscreant totalitarian bastards!

And, once more if that triggers you then too fucking bad!

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