The “Women’s” March does not think much of women apparently

Behind every “Progressive” movement is the ugly face of brutality, human degradation, state control, and evil. In the case of the Women’s March, that face is represented by noted bottom feeder Louis Farrakhan. Dana Loesch rips the mask off of Farrakhan and the “Women’s March”

Of course, these women know what Farrakhan is. They know what Sharpton is. They know. They do not desire freedom, or any justice. They are a collection of Leftists intent on destroying America, and individual liberty while enriching and empowering themselves. They are dividers, hate mongers, liars, and miscreants. They can paint the Women’s March any way they wish, but it, and the people behind it, are among the most intolerant and hateful souls you could ever find.

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