Wanna see how totally awesome single payer health care is?

About as awesome as being devoured by ants apparently

This is what Progressives want, though, as they learned in California, there’s no way to actually pay for it. Not without drastic restrictions in service

Let’s take a brief look at the article, shall we?

One million patients a week cannot get appointments with GPs, amid the longest waiting times on record, new figures show.

Doctors said they were working “flat out” but under “unsustainable” pressure, leaving “worrying” numbers of patients without any help.

The NHS figures show the number waiting at least a week to see their GP has risen by 56 per cent in five years, with one in five now waiting this long.

The pressures left 11.3 per cent of patients unable to get an appointment at all – a 27 per cent rise since 2012. This amounts to around 47 million occasions on which patients attempted but failed to secure help from their GP, forcing them to give up, try again later or turn to Accident & Emergency departments.

And, we have six times as many people here as the UK does. So, the numbers would likely be worse here. Why do those on the left not see this? Two reasons mostly. The true believers are so infatuated with creating their Collectivist Utopia that they simply think such numbers are acceptable. They have no love for individuals, and, in fact loathe Individualism. So, some broken eggs are the price of their Marxist Omelette. 

The folks in the second group are just sheep. They are so ignorant and indoctrinated all they hear are the lies about “free” care. All they want are their “rights” which mean their right to free health care, child care, college, and so on and so on. Costs? Consequences? Those do not exist for the sheep you see. They are emotionally invested in the same Collectivist Utopian Omelette. They never realize that it will be them, and their children who become those broken eggs.

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