David Frum, A Leftist in Conservative clothing

Ah yes, David Frum, every Democrat’s favorite Republican. I suppose Frum thinks that if he parrots failed liberal talking points enough, he will be accepted be the Liberal elites. I mean just look at what Frum tweeted after the Virginia shooting

Charles  C. W. Cooke, and others corrected Frum’s talking points lies. Lies which were as absurd as they are false. Frum knows the background checks, which the NRA wanted by the way are required by federal law, Frum also knows if he has read any history that registration has always led to confiscation. Where the Hell got carrying long guns from I cannot say. I mean how idiotic can he be. Concealing a long gun? Good Grief. 

4 thoughts on “David Frum, A Leftist in Conservative clothing”

  1. “Concealed carry of long guns”. When it comes to logic on the left, it’s even worse. One of the arguments against the so called “assault rifle” was that they had bayonet mounts, as if some kid going to hold up a liquor store would not only conceal a rifle under his coat, as difficult as that would be, but to do so with a 12″ bayonet attached to the muzzle!

    1. Sad, very sad. Oe bimbo on NBC said that, get this, semi-automatic rifles have a “switch” that makes them fire multiple rounds. Good grief!

      1. While it is true that genuine assault rifles do have a select fire switch, I blame the dishonest morons of the anti-gun movement for blurring the distinctions between the lowly semi automatic rifle and “assault weapons”.

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