Your Sunday to do list

First vote for the Daley Gator at Political Clown Parades fifth annual, Paul revere Awards! If you don’t Michelle Obama you will have to eat a Michelle Obama inspired menus for a week

Second, check out what William Teach has at his Blogless Sunday Post!   Those not checking this out will be forced to listen to nothing but Coldplay for a week

Third, go read Proof Positives Best of the Web! Those who refuse will have to visit a petting zoo with nothing but badgers, wolverines, and MSNBC anchors

Fourth, go read what my fellow writers at WOW! Magazine have penned

Mike McDaniel reviews Wonder Woman

Bookworm looks at Trump and Comey

Joshua Pundit looks at the UK election

Vasser Bushmills looks a lawmen gone very wrong

Puma wonders if you saw what Senator Rubio did to noted leaker James Comey

Scott Kirwin notes the backasswardsness of run, hide, tell


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