Tulsa Police shoot Black man brandishing two knives, Racial Grievance Mongers see opportunity for profit

Here is the story from Tulsa World

The fatal police shooting of a mentally ill man brandishing two knives in north Tulsa on Friday culminated in an intense protest and the deployment of officers in riot gear.
Police identified the man as 29-year-old Joshua Barre.

OK, this man was mentally ill. In fact the  Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office’s Mental Health Unit were trying to serve a civil “pickup order” when he walked away from the area. A judge had ordered a mental health evaluation for the man.

Video of the shooting as the man tried to enter what looks like a convenience store can be viewed here.

The video shows two men one of them looks as if he is exiting the store when he sees something that makes him back up and close the door. A second man, presumably the manager or owner walks up, and looks out, and immediately gets his keys to lock the door. Apparently seeing he does not have time, he runs away from the door, motioning the other man to follow him. Seconds later Barre, carrying two very large knives enters and turns in the direction the men ran. As he turns, two officers, who I presume were following Barre fire killing him. Fearing for the safety of those in the store the officers warned Barre not to enter the store, and fired when he entered anyway.  But, the outrage had already started

Tempers flared as an emotional crowd the police estimated at 300 people condemned the latest deadly police encounter in north Tulsa. Protesters chanted “f— the police” from behind crime scene tape and shouted obscenities at investigators.

Clearly the men in that store, one of whom is Black are in fear for their lives. If the offices had not fired would he have attacked those men? What are the police supposed to do in this case? What would the geniuses calling the police murderers have the police do exactly? Here are four 911 calls about Barre, all from what I assume are Black people. Every call is made by people fearing this man with two butcher knives is going to do someone harm. Again, what would the protesters have police do in this case? What would they do if the police officer had not shot Barre and he had stabbed, or even killed someone? 

There will be an investigation, as there should be. Everyone should wait for that before ranting about police murdering Black people. Of course the racial grievance mongering leeches like Benjamin Crump and Al Sharpton will not wait will they? They have money to make off of this. 

I watched a short video of residents of the area at the scene, and I heard the usual. Claims that the Barre was shot in the back nine times, and that he had no weapons. That he should have been tased, or pepper sprayed. That he was simply murdered, and that he was no threat to anyone. Of course if the police had not shot him and h had stabbed someone, the same people would accuse the police of not protecting Black people.

This is the price we are paying for the divisive rhetoric and narratives of the Left. A significant portion of our country has been taught that they are targeted, that police are hunting down young black men, and that it is OK to become outraged before hearing any evidence or allowing investigations to run their course. This must stop, it really must. The media are to blame, the false narratives of the Sharpton’s, Crump’s, and DeRay McKesson’s of the world is to blame. The politicians who care more about keeping Blacks in perceived victimhood than about finding solutions are to blame. And all of us are paying the price, a price I fear will grow if we do not get a handle on this soon.

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