Yep, the Paris Climate Agreement sucks

And by sucks, I mean it redefines suckage! It is a sucktacular quagmire of sucktastically sucky suckage!

Pirates Cove explains

As Investors Business Daily notes, the Paris Climate Agreement was considered a sham and a fraud by many hyper-Warmists until Trump pulled the U.S. out of Obama’s signature. It is mostly non-binding when it comes to “carbon pollution” goals, because, what it mostly does is require redistribution of money from 1st world nations to 3rd world shitholes developing nations

‘Climate change’ or cash?: Pay up or they’ll pollute

The climate surrounding President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the pollution-curbing Paris agreement has taken a decidedly chilly turn: Developing nations reportedly are holding their pollution-reduction goals hostage unless they’re paid.

Under the expansive cover of “climate change,” India, South Sudan, Niger, Egypt, Cuba and other nations say they’ll simply keep on polluting unless they receive payments as stipulated under the Paris agreement, The Washington Times reports. Apparently these and other countries “rented their signature for the promise of Paris-related wealth transfers,” says Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

How much is owed? One estimate puts the total requested by developing countries at $420 billion. But many other countries eligible for cash payments to reduce emissions haven’t yet submitted any estimates — which some analysts say could push the total cost into the trillions.

It was, and is, all about the “green” as in cash!

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