Something useful did come out of the Comey circus

Some very valuable information came out. But the Democrats and the media, but I repeat myself, could not care less. Their agenda is to delegitimize Trump, and block his agenda, period! Hundreds of terrorist investigations they care far less about

2,000 cases.

That was the most overlooked revelation to come from the testimony of the former FBI director. While the media parsed every Comey hiccup to bolster its election conspiracy theories, it ignored that number.

Comey stated that there were around 2,000 terrorism investigations. 1,000 of those came from “home grown violent extremism” with no evidence of contact with foreign terrorists. Another 1,000 had “some contact with foreign terrorists”. 300 from that 2,000 had come to America as refugees.

Two-thirds of the refugee terrorists were from Iraq. The other third were mainly from the six countries named in President Trump’s travel pause which left-wing activist judges have unconstitutionally halted.

Again, fighting terrorism is less important than smearing Trump to Democrats it seems. And such bastardism might lead us to become, Europe

In the UK, there are 3,000 potential terrorists being investigated, but 20,000 others had been “subjects of interest” in the past. We don’t know how large that second number is in the United States. But it’s probably not too far off the British one. In which case we also have over 20,000 potential terrorists.

But again, fighting Trump, and his common sense travel order is more important to Democrats than protecting this nation. If only they hated terrorists as much as they do Trump!

One thought on “Something useful did come out of the Comey circus”

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    I guess somebody had to finally find something good about this expensive and useless mess — Here is one such article describing something of use from the current witch hunt leveled against President Trump under the guise of “Investigations” about the Leftist paranoioa concerned with paranoia about some fictitious Russia-Trump collusion:

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