Erasing our history is Erasing America

Sam Houston you are next it seems

Liberal fascists must be running out of Confederate generals to banish to the memory hole. Now they are going after heroes of the Texas Revolution, starting at the top:

The Sam Houston statue has been at Hermann Park since 1925, but a group that calls itself Texas Antifa has started a campaign to take down this and any other landmark that bears the name Sam Houston. …

[Last] Thursday, the group posted on its Facebook page saying, “Texans agree the disgusting idols of America’s dark days of slavery must be removed to bring internal peace to our country.”

The group also suggested Mayor Sylvester Turner should back the removal of the statue, because of his ethnicity and political affiliation.

Erasing a nation’s history is one path to destroying the country itself. That is the agenda of the Left. Of course there are other paths too, all of which the Left agitates and advocates for. Consider what the Left is always attacking

National borders/national sovereignty

State sovereignty

The supplanting of rule of law in favor of social justice

Law enforcement

The right of self-defense, freedoms of religion, speech and association.

The right to own property

Parental rights

Traditional gender roles, and, in fact gender itself

The long standing definition of marriage

I could easily go on, and on, but try this. As an exercise, just make a list of anything that is traditional about America. Our culture, values, traditions, holidays, you name it. I can think of nothing about America the Left is not trying to destroy.

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