Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and Climate Change Predictions

But, of course folks like William teach should not point out the many lies of the Cult of Climate Change, because the science is, well, you know

Isn’t funny how the Doomy Goal Posts Of Doom are constantly moved? Now we have the World Economic Forum, a hotbed of Warmists and extreme Socialists who love to redistribute Other People’s money making a prognostication

The Arctic is now expected to be ice-free by 2040

The last piece of summer sea-ice in the Arctic is expected to melt away in just 23 years, three decades earlier than previously expected.

Scientists now believe that the summer of 2040 will see the end of the frozen north pole after a rapid shrinking of the ice coverage in recent years, according to a report from the Arctic Council.

Now this dire prognostication might sound scary, until you consider how many other dire predictions have proven as accurate as a blind archer with no hands

Seriously, they just can’t help themselves with their prognostications. And, let’s see, from Watts Up With That?

  • 101. June 2008, Ted Alvarez, Backpacker Magazine Blogs: “you could potentially sail, kayak, or even swim to the North Pole by the end of the summer. Climate scientists say that the Arctic ice…is currently on track to melt sometime in 2008.”
  • 106. June 8, 1972, Christian Science Monitor: “Arctic specialist Bernt Balchen says a general warming trend over the North Pole is melting the polar ice cap and may produce an ice-free Arctic Ocean by the year 2000.”
  • 6. “In summer under certain conditions the scientists reckon with a complete melting of the Arctic sea ice. For Europe we expect an increase in drier and warmer summers. Winters on the other hand will be warmer and wetter.” Erich Roeckner, Max Planck Institute, Hamburg, 29 Sept 2005.

And then you had the prediction that 2016 would be ice-free. And next year or the year after (2017 or 2018). And so many more, including Gore’s prediction which failed.

Their record is pathetic. But it is their agenda-driven propaganda that is most disturbing. No matter what the facts are, no matter how often they are wrong, they just keep bleating out new doomsday scenarios. And, when challenged, they rant about the science being settled. No, the science is not settled. But, the real motives behind the Cult of Climate Change are, and about that 97% of scientists line….


One thought on “Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and Climate Change Predictions”

  1. There is an explanation of why The Global Warming Cult clings to beliefs that have failed to accurately predict climate change. It’s a little known problem design engineers discovered and solved fifty years ago.

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