Breaking News! Everything said, or done by anyone, at anytime, is offensive to snowflakes and racial agitators on college campuses

If we do not get a handle on the epidemic of perpetual victimhood, we are toast. And by getting a handle on the problem, I mean stop placating and appeasing these miscreants! Here is the latest outbreak of Offendeditis!

The University of Chicago’s Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity was accused of racial insensitivity for hosting a construction-themed party on the night of Cinco de Mayo.

The president of the fraternity, Clyde Anderson, even clarified in a statement after the fact that the construction theme was intended as an “ironic response” to the ongoing renovations being made on the fraternity’s house.

Oh come on Clyde, don’t pretend that you are unaware that everything done on Cinco de Mayo is RAAAAACIST! And, Clyde, construction outfits? On Cinco de Mayo? How much more blatantly racist can your frat be?

Anderson also pointed out that the party was only coincidentally planned for Cinco de Mayo, noting that “no brothers who wore construction attire had any part of their attire with Hispanic connotation” and “there were absolutely no party decorations or any aspects of the party with Mexican theme or appearance besides the date of the event.”

Ah, so no one wore anything that might be considered Hispanic? Not even any aspects of anything Hispanic was present? RAAAAACIST!! How intolerant and non-inclusive of you Clyde! See Clyde, you must understand that it does not matter what you do on Cinco de Mayo. No matter what you do it will be called RAAAAACIST! But, Clyde, the worst thing you could do is to, well apologize to the Brown Shirts. And, of course, you did that very thing Clyde. You prostrated yourself, and your frat, before a group of bullies. I guess that act of surrender beats actually having balls right Clyde?

Even so, Anderson went on to apologize to his peers who may have been offended by the celebration, expressing his “sincerest apologies to any individual who may have felt discriminated against by the event.”

Oh someone get me a vomit bag, extra large please! There was nothing for any normal, rational person to be offended over. So why not stand up and call them out? Clyde is delusional if he thinks that trying to reach common ground with cultural bullies will get him anything. I mean consider the groups that were like, super offended! Look at the roll call of Leftist agitators and bullies

According to The Maroon, Anderson and his fraternity brothers even agreed to change the time of the event to midnight so that it would technically fall on May 6 rather than May 5, and nixed the construction theme, though some party-goers still arrived in construction-worker garb, resulting in a prompt denunciation of the event from several on-campus student organizations.

What were the groups?

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MEChA), the Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS), the Organization of Black Students (OBS), the African Caribbean Students Association (ACSA), the Muslim Students Association (MSA), and the PanAsia Solidarity Coalition (PanAsia).

Quite a collection of malcontents there

“Despite those actions, the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity chapter still held a construction-themed party on May 5, at which some attendees dressed in hard hats and construction vests,” a joint statement put out by six multicultural organizations declared, referencing a meeting between a member of a student group known as “MEChA” and the “organizer” of the event, during which he apparently agreed to change both its time and theme.

“The chapter directly went against their word, and broke their stated values of ‘morality’ and ‘leadership,’ and completely disregarded the concern expressed by MEChA de UChicago and various other individuals and cultural groups on campus,” the statement continues, accusing the fraternity of following through with “a construction-themed party to demonstrate their privilege and authority by blatantly disregarding the concerns of marginalized groups without facing disciplinary actions.”

Oh go fuck yourselves! That is the only proper response to bottom feeders like this. They are the bigots, and must be called out! And allow me to be clear, the people caving to these parasites are actually doing worse damage to our liberties. 

4 thoughts on “Breaking News! Everything said, or done by anyone, at anytime, is offensive to snowflakes and racial agitators on college campuses”

  1. For all his pro Trump anti anyone, including Republicans not 100% behind Trump, craziness, Vox Day is exactly correct that you never apologize to SJWs in his book on the subject. You touched on that Clyde shouldn’t have apologized, and that’s right. It just lets SJWs attack fuether5.

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