There are no words

Blogging, or whatever the hell you call what I do these days, is a strange thing. You forge relationships of sorts with people you have never met. Bob owens, of Bearing Arms, and formerly of Confederate Yankee, was one of those people. The second amendment had no greater ally or advocate that Owens, and I linked him often. I learned a lot for Bob, although we never met, and now, I learn that he has left us.

It is with deep regret and profound sorrow that I must share with you the following:

Yesterday morning, just before 11 a.m., Bob Owens’ life came to a tragic end.

A memorial has been set up on GoFundMe for Bob’s wife and daughters who are 9 and 17.

We are asking everyone to respect his family’s privacy during this most difficult time, and I’d like to personally remind everyone that what you write impacts more than just the stupid thread you’re writing on.

I am stunned, and saddened, liberty has lost a fierce ally, and I pray for his family and close friends. Those people were, I have to believe greatly blessed by knowing Bob, and I cannot fathom their pain. 

R.I.P. Bob, you are sorely missed

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