If you like to cook…………

I love to cook, well, sometimes anyway, and I had been looking for some really good cookware. I ran through some ceramic and copper pans, which are OK, but then,I decided to try some stoneware pans, and after buying one made by Tramontina, and one by Starfrit I liked the results. Follow the directions on seasoning the pans, and you will have a low-cost, non stick pan that heats quickly, needs no oil to cook chicken, steaks, chops, or eggs and one that cleans very easily. Plus I really like the look of the stone. 

I decided to buy some more sizes and went to Amazon and a related item popped up. Ozeri, a German company makes what they call a Stone Earth Pan. It is aluminum, with a coating that is stone derived, it is called Stonehenge, no not THAT Stonehenge.


I own all three sizes, plus a larger saucepan they make


These pans rock! Seasoning them is easy. You apply a tiny bit of oil, olive oil, or coconut oil and simply rub it on the inside of the pan, and you are done. ( they recommend NOT using non-stick spray. Repeat that process before each use, and really, oil is not needed to cook veggies, meats, pork, etc. In the few months I have been using these, nothing sticks. These pans heat up quickly, and really, conduct heat well. Clean up? Use a paper towel or soft cloth and simply wipe the inside out after you are done cooking. After it cools down, wash with warm soapy water. I have not had to scrub, or scrape anything out of mine.

These pans are very well made. The handle is not going to start coming loose, it is well secured. 

So, if you want a high quality pan that heats up very quickly, distributes heat evenly, requires oil only if you desire, and cleans up in a snap, and is very affordable, check out Ozeri Stone Earth Pans.

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