More Nuclear Grade Stupidity

Good Freaking grief how detached from reality can a person be?

Yes, because the 7th century barbarians would never kill those teachers, take the aid and fund more terrorism, and kill the diplomats would they? And culture? Islamic terrorists destroy every cultural symbol from every land every chance they get. Seriously, how stupid can a human being be?

9 thoughts on “More Nuclear Grade Stupidity”

  1. Didn’t the Talibut murder several doctors who were attempting to give polio vaccines to a bunch of sand-kids?

  2. “Seriously, how stupid can a human being be?”

    We aren’t yet 100 days into the Trump Administration. We haven’t even approached peak derp yet.

  3. Hey Josh. If you think you are so correct, why don’t you go over to one of the Shithoulistans and demonstrate this love and concern. You can be one of these diplomats. Please prove to us that you aren’t simply another S4B raving hypocrite with a mental disorder that all liberals seem to have.

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