When an old gunfighter hangs up his pistols………..

Taker 3

Two Sundays ago, I watched as a legend, an icon, laid down his guns and left the business that had made him a legend. In Orlando, Florida, at Wrestlemania 33, the Undertaker wrestled what is likely for the very last time. In his finale, he lost, to a much younger opponent, and after the match he stood, all 6’10” of him and stared back at an adoring crowd. As his music played he began to exit, then paused, returned to the center of the ring, and began to remove his gloves, them his trademark coat, and finally, his hat. He laid them in the center of the ring he had dominated since 1990, and left the ring. Some fans shed tears, some just stood in reverence. They knew they were watching a legend for the last time.

Taker 4

Now, you might be asking why I am writing about Mark Calaway A.K.A. The Undertaker. I mean wrestling is fake right? Yes, it is. It is athletic, and it is entertainment. But, the work these athletes put in is real, and so is the injuries that acompany it. Movies? TV? Not real, yet we can be fans of actors. So, why not wrestlers.


The Undertaker was like a character in a movie who kicks the bad guys asses. When his music hit you knew that someone was going to get their ass kicked. And  I thank him for the many memories. Here are some highlights

Why do I write about this man? Because he was the best at what he did, period. I met him once, at the airport. He was a huge man but very nice, humble it seemed to me. Not many people make me feel small, but he did. I admire him because anyone who garners such respect from his peers…. well


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