Random questions and observations

So, can Syrian leader Assad see that red line now?

Tony Romo has decided to retire, and move into broadcasting NFL games. I wonder why so many people feel a need to comment negatively on that move. Why is he so polarizing? He is a nice guy, with a family, and was very good at his job. He has no character issues, no legal issues, nothing really negative at all. Yet a lot of people bash the guy. Of course, in a world where Tupac Shakur is lionized, and rappers who put out culture destroying garbage are glorified, why would it surprise anyone that decent people are bashed?

When using a public restroom stall, do people realize that other people are waiting? Get in do your business, and get out! And flush for the love of God!

Is ESPN ever going to realize that most of their viewers do not wish to have social justice shoved down their throats? Sports fans want sports coverage, highlights, that is what made ESPN succeed. There are many options for news/op-eds/politics/etc. ESPN should stick with what people want

I typically hate reality shows. But if I could see a reality show involving several safe-space-loving college whiners and a Marine drill Sargeant? Yeah, I could enjoy that.

When I hear an apology, I want sincerity, not a scripted statement prepared by some PR douchebag. Everyone wants to hear what they want to hear. Give me honesty!

Is it just me, or are most talking heads on news shows simply parroting talking points? 

Corporate idiots that run chain restaurants, and the focus groups these mental midgets listen to have no grasp of what matters to costumers, servers, bartenders, really want. Allow me an example. A while back, I was at a Buffalo Wild Wings, and the manager there offered me and another guy $10 off our bills to take their online survey. The survey took about ten minutes (way too long) and asked questions which had little to do with the quality of service, food, or drink. One question was “How was you wing ordering experience?” Who asks that question? 

The most obvious questions were not asked. Was the beer cold? Were your wings properly sauced? How was the quality of your food? How would you rate the service? Nope, they did not ask those questions. Those might actually give them useful feedback! This is why the food at most chain restaurants is garbage. It is also why restaurants that were really good at the outset go down hill.

Is there anything more obnoxious than brand snobs and fan boys?

Let me say it once more. The left lane on on interstates is for faster traffice, for passing slower cars, NOT for driving the speed limit!

Finally, will the last person to take anything Ann Coulter says seriously turn out the lights.

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