Does any group lie more egregiously than the Cult of Gun Control?

The gun control movement, like all movements of the Left lie, they have to because the truth is to the Left what holy water is to vampires, but it may be what I call the Cult of Gun Control that dives the deepest into the lying pool. Jenn jacques catches their latest scammery

Just when you think the gun control agenda couldn’t stoop any lower, they outdo themselves yet again.

The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence’s newest ploy to shove unnecessary and excessive restrictions on law-abiding gun owners involves a little child’s play. In a video introducing a new gun control mascot Teddy Gun, ICAHV claims teddy bears are held to strict safety regulations… more strict than firearms.

That’s why we’ve launched the Teddy GunTM. A highly provocative product that aims to expose the discrepancies in relaxed gun regulations, and create constructive conversation, and ultimately political pressure, for common sense gun laws.

Lies, lies, and more LIES!

“Teddy bears need to follow strict safety manufacturing guidelines,” the video claims. “Scores of safety regulations. Ninety pages of requirements. Numerous rules. Across federal and state regulatory bodies. Unless that teddy bear is a gun.”

Although the Teddy Gun may be an expensive and creative marketing idea, it is a grossly inaccurate accusation against the firearms industry.

“The truth is the gun industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries,” reports the NSSF, reminding everyone of the more than 20,000 state, federal and local laws currently regulating firearms. “Firearms and ammunition, while exempt from the CPSA, are subject to the same product-liability laws as other products.”

Keep in mind that the folks pushing these lies know they are lies, so, ask yourself what is their real agenda

4 thoughts on “Does any group lie more egregiously than the Cult of Gun Control?”

  1. “Gun control” is not about guns, it’s about control.
    Mind control. Lives control. The control of humans as farm animals.
    SJW have an agenda of pure, unrestricted collectivism.
    Their aim is the ant-hill.
    Humans need to be reshaped into good ants obedient to the will of the ant-hill, meaning the SJW nomenklatura.
    No collectivism has ever existed without a nomenklatura.
    If you know about the feudal lords of the Dark Ages then you know about SJW.
    Their social outlook is the very same.
    They want to lord over an ocean of obedient and scared peasants because they think themselves better and above the peasants.
    It doesn’t get any more complicated than that.
    “Gun control” is about kicking in the teeth those they think should not enjoy the (little) freedom we still enjoy today.
    “Gun control” is about training the peasants to stop thinking of themselves as free men.
    “Gun control” is about disarming their prospective victims so when the time comes to finally put the shackles on it will be easier to do.
    “Gun control” is just one more step in the ratcheting game of bringing about the ant-hill.
    Their aim is to make America into North Korea.
    Ask one of the little poisonous twerps and you’ll hear “what’s so wrong with North Korea?”
    If you ask a neo-nazi you’ll hear “what was so wrong with the nazis?”
    They are the same animal.
    Different species of ant but both ants and both love the ant-hill.
    The day the guns are taken away is the day America has ceased to exist.

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