So, repealing Obamacare was a “Ted Cruz” issue now?

Oh politicians, political advisors, and spin doctors. They will say anything, take any position, regardless of the truth. I have less than zero respect for them, this clip from The Right Scoop illustrates exactly why

Then there is this guy, Rep. Kinzinger of Illinois who is going to “expose” the Freedom Caucus, whose members he blames for the shoddy Ryan care bill dying

And, it would seem that Kinzinger has the hots for “centrist Democrats” now

Yeah, sure Democrats will “work” with the likes of Kinzinger. As long as he agrees to not repealing Obamacare, and agrees to only making changes that will move the country to universal health care even quicker. If he does that, Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will pat him on his head and send him on his way. Sorry but, let us be clear, Kinzinger is exactly the type of “Republican” who enables Democrats. He could not wait to bash Conservatives and cozy up to Democrats. He has a history of that I wonder if Kinzinger ever considered suggesting House Democrats, or moderate Republicans compromise? Likely not, after all, Kinzinger has a record, and it is not pretty

Funny, I did not hear President Trump bashing the Freedom Caucus, I heard him say we will get a better bill. I also heard him blast Democrats because not one of them would vote for the AHCA. I did not hear weakness or vacillation from the president. Rep Kinzinger is just another politician who is in it for himself

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