The folly of Egalitarianism

The Left and their obsession with equality, or at least what the define is equality are hard for me, or any other sane person to grasp. I mean, how can we not shake our heads at this foolishness

Amid growing calls for greater gender inclusivity on campus, Yale College administrators are moving to replace the term “freshman” with the gender-neutral term “first-year.”

How sad. An institute of higher learning does not have more serious matters to deal with? Who are they going to help with this action? No one. And, no, I do not think that appeasing any person who is offended by the word freshman will be of any help to anyone. Coddling bullies and miscreants gains society or in this case a university anything worthwhile. You only encourage more malcontents to feel more entitled.

Dean of Student Affairs Camille Lizarríbar, who is leading the conversation about the potential change, told the News that while administrators are committed to the shift, there is no fixed timeline or specific plan for its implementation. However, Lizarríbar said she hopes that the language change will be implemented “before the next academic year.”

I wonder how a person so interested in protecting students from the English language by censoring certain words ever rose to any position of authority. It is a sad day when a country founded on individualism, and liberty begins to reward inane ideas as worthy of praise in any way.

“I think there comes a time when you want to make sure that the way you’re calling things reflects the values that you have,” Lizarríbar said. “If we really are serious about inclusivity and diversity, we need to look at everything. It’s not written in stone that it has to be ‘freshman.’ … We do have some agency in what we call things.”

Values? Yes, I would agree this is all about values. And clearly the values of Lizarribar do not reflect the values of reasoned, well-adjusted people. Again, we are seeing a person push to censor the English language to protect their “values”. So, I suppose we can now add the English language to the growing list the Left is trying to erase. Individualism, thought, freedom of speech, gender, national borders, private property, freedoms of religion and association, the right of self-defense, the rule of law, and respect for law enforcement and on and on the list goes.

Of course some will scoff and say “this is a trifling matter, why raise an alarm about it?” Why? Well, because values matter. Because one day this nation will be unrecognizable if the Left is left unchallenged. The fact is our language, culture, borders, liberties and founding principles do matter. And when they cease to matter, well, then it is too late.

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