If you listen to the Left……………………

You might just get the idea that the Trump budget will cause great havoc, misery, suffering, angst, starvation, dehydration, dry skin, and dandruff while at the same time killing kittens, puppies, bunnies, baby sasquatches, and will cause the arts to go away, poison our rivers, pollute our air, put PBS, and NPR out of business.

It will also end science, cause even more climate change, make tornadoes, and wildfires more common, and even deadlier. Did I mention it will cause mudslides, avalanches, beach erosion, tsunamis, and yes, of course, it will kill polar bears!

It might even cause sexual dysfunction in chimpanzees, baboons, baboons who identify as chimpanzees, giraffes might shrink, rhinos horns will fall off, and hippos will become anorexic and could even make Joy Behar of The View stupider. 

Also, this budget slashing will be racist, sexist, Homophobic, Islamophobic and a bunch of other words ending in “ist’ and “phobic”. Did I mention cause an increase in inexplicably moronic statements from Sally Kohn, Rachel Maddow and other Leftists who are prone to panic attacks, idiocy attacks, and are incurably obnoxious as it is.

Did I miss anything? Any other catastrophes these “deep cuts” will lead to? Just leave it to the Left to keep fear mongering

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