Embracing Leftism is like drinking poison

I have opined before that Leftism destroys everything it touches. But, after reading this story at Moonbattery I would say that those who embrace Leftism might as well ingest rattlesnake venom

A whites-only group has been started at MIT. Is this pushback against the militant anti-Caucasian racism that dominates college campuses? Of course not, or the group would have been banned. The group is devoted to racial self-hatred:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) now has a “White Person’s Accountability Group” to help white people understand their “roles both in perpetuating systemic racism and in dismantling it.”

An objective of the group is to develop a “sense of anger about racism.”

…begin holding monthly meetings to “hold one another accountable to advancing racial justice in [their] own personal, institutional, and societal spheres.”

To achieve absolute equality (i.e., “racial justice”), anyone who rises above the lowest common denominator must hold himself down with self-hatred.

MIT students and faculty who wish to start a “white caucus” are advised to “provide a summary report of each meeting [to] people of color,” remembering that “people of color should be the ones to determine what is appropriate,” but are also warned that “there is a fine line between seeking accountability and adding another burden on people of color.”

In short anyone who is not a member of a preferred race must not only hate themselves, and bear guilt for imagined crimes, but they must also force themselves to grovel like slaves before their “victims”. On the despicability scale, this ranks high. This is naked racism and anyone who embraces such moral backasswardness is doomed to a life of misery and self-loathing. And those that teach this garbage are no better than a KKK member, or any other bottom feeding bigot.

Again, one of life’s inescapable truths is that leftism destroys everything it touches, and anyone who embraces and accepts its morally depraved ideals.

3 thoughts on “Embracing Leftism is like drinking poison”

  1. The left people are super gullible. They think that Muslims feel and think like they feel and think. The left people need to be told that Muslims don’t feel and think like we feel and think. Death giving makes them happy. Not being able to kill makes them sad.

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