Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite

Nancy Pelosi then

Nancy Pelosi now

As I have said the only consistent thing about Democrats is there inconsistency. As to the repeal and replace bill. The Republicans need to be very open and honest about their bill. None of this behind closed doors mess. After they have a bill it needs to be made accessible to the people, to read, before any votes. The key word? Transparency! Do not do as the Democrats did!

I pray the new bill focuses on allowing the free market to work. Open up buying from insurers across state lines, increase competition, and of course take away mandates for having coverage, and for dictating what Americans must have covered. Again, FREE MARKET! The more insurers have to compete, well, we know the rest don’t we?

As to giving tax credits it would be a better bad solution than subsidies are. I am generally in favor of keeping taxes as low as possible, and eliminating most of the deductions and exemptions. I also favor a flat or consumption tax, where everyone pays the same rate. It might be a better solution to increase the personal exemption, so that Americans would have more money for themselves. Many would use that extra money to purchase insurance. I have never been in favor of government, at any level, punishing or rewarding behaviors with tax dollars. Taxes have one purpose, to raise revenues. 

The bottom line is the more this bill privatizes health insurance, leaving the government out, the better it will be for all of us. The more simple this legislation ends up being the better. We do not need another phone book-sized bill. Again, I pray the GOP gets this right, and I pray they can find a bill which all Republicans, and any sensible Democrats can support.

2 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite”

  1. let the free market rule.
    NO cross state buying ban
    NO manditory coverage clauses(why does my post- menopausal sister, who has had a hystorectemy be required to buy pregnancy coverage??)
    TAX deductions for health saving accounts.
    BAN direct to customer advertizing of precription drugs.
    TORT REFORM..limit lawyers share of medical malpractice settlements to 5%. ban “ambulance chaser” advertizing
    PROHIBIT caregivers from charging uninsured more than the in network fee
    REQUIRE proceedure “base fee” listings to allow patients to shop around for services

    as for pre-exixting conditions….
    any person who cannot optain coverage because of pre-existing condition will be elegable for medicade coverage, REGARDLESS OF INCOME. this way everyone can have health coverage

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